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What makes My Awesome Kids “unique”?

  First of all, when most people think of “behavioral therapy” or work with behaviors, they think about Autism, or children with emotional and developmental challenges.  And with good reason: that is usually where we work.  You no longer need a diagnosis for this prescription.  My Awesome Kids brings the science of behavior change to everyone.  Secondly, My Awesome Kids is unique in its mission.  It is the MAK mission to give parents and caregivers all the tools and training that they need to make ourselves obsolete in your life.  That’s right, MAK subscribes to the teach a man to fish... mentality.   

MAK uses evidence based practices to scientifically determine  what is happening and why, the best course of action, and the necessary training to help you reclaim your confidence as a parent and bring Harmony to your Home.

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What Does Working with My Awesome Kids LOOK Like?
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        I don’t even know how I stumbled on to Liz’s website.  I was frustrated and tired of fighting and considering making an appointment with a pediatric psychiatrist believing that medication was the only option left.  My kid isn’t special needs, he’s just hyper!! When I read about using contingencies and making statements instead of requests I thought to myself that I really was already doing all of these things and they weren’t working.  I had the numbers of three different docs ready to call the next day.

    Have you ever had one of those moments when you really have to prove to yourself and everyone that you’re making the right choice?  I really wanted to prove to myself that my kid really needed drugs to be ok, so I clicked on the contact button and the next morning she called.

    We made an appointment for a week later, and I freaked out for a week, but then she showed up at my house and suddenly, I was totally at ease.  I told her about my experiences with trying all of the things she suggested on her website and that I thought my kid might have some pretty serious problems.  She observed us while I was making dinner and trying to get him to the table once dinner was ready - it’s a little strange to know that someone is watching you in your own house, even when they are invited, but Liz made it seem really natural. 

    In one month of working with Liz, my relationship with my kid had changed in countless ways.  I learned the difference between reacting and responding to my kid - something I learned in business as a supervisor, but I never really applied at home.  I learned to scope out “potential pitfalls” and especially, I learned how to understand my kid on a whole different level.  I also learned why it was that the interventions that I thought I was already doing didn’t work; well, turns out I was doing them wrong, but Liz doesn’t say things like that. No judgement from her and no meds for my kid, just a different way of connecting.

    Seriously, call Liz.  Give yourself the gift of having FUN at home with your family again.  She has all these free resources available online, and I promise you, she has so much more to share!

Amanda R.  San Jose, CA

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