I had the pleasure of working with and supervising Elizabeth Kahn for 3 years. I can say that without a doubt, she was the best behavioral therapist I have ever worked with.

  As a therapist, Elizabeth brought an energy and enthusiasm to the job which was infectious, both to me, and to the children on her caseload. While her techniques are clearly rooted in ABA, she focuses on forming a strong emotional relationship with each child, through which she can apply the techniques. The children look forward to seeing her, and are engaged and active throughout the therapy sessions.

  As a supervisor/parent trainer, Elizabeth looked at the entire family dynamic and chose intervention techniques that benefited the entire family rather than just focusing on a single child. Her interactions with the parents were very professional and supportive even when situations were very stressful for the parents.

  Liz focuses on finding solutions rather than dwelling on problems, which creates a much more positive environment for the family as a whole, and teaches parents how to use positive behavior techniques rather than punishments. She also teaches the children how to move from recognizing a problem to finding a solution as many children with a history of inappropriate behaviors who are used to punishments can get caught in a negative spiral. For parents, this often includes figuring out a behavioral baseline for the child and creating short-term goals that the child can realistically achieve while working through smaller steps towards long-term goals. This keeps everything moving forward and everyone feeling positive about what the child can achieve rather than feeling negative about what he or she cannot do yet.

   I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for family-based, long-term solutions to behavioral or social issues their children are experiencing.

-Emily Kearney, M.A. Ed., (special education), Portland, OR-  

        Liz started working with my son about four years ago. My son has high functioning autism and she was part of his “therapy team.”  She was an amazing help not only with him but also our entire family dynamic. I have an older son with many emotional and behavioral challenges. She was able to come in with an outside perspective, work with both children and give me constructive ideas for change in the way I interacted with both boys. She did all this while building up the self-esteem of our whole family.

   Liz is energetic, creative and dedicated. She takes on the challenge brought to her with great enthusiasm. She was willing to work on whatever challenges we had at the moment including attending outside commitments on evenings and weekends. We love having Liz come into our home.

-Katie Handelman, M.A. Ed., San Francisco, CA-

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      We were having some behavioral issues with our daughter and sought the help of a behaviorist to help us.  Not surprisingly our daughter was just fine; it was my wife and I who needed to learn how to manage the typical behavior of a toddler.

        Liz gave us direct and specific tools for dealing with specific behaviors that have been incredibly helpful.  Our schedules are very hectic and she was very flexible in arranging to come in the evenings.  This was helpful, but also valuable, as this tends to be when our daughter acts out the most.  Liz provided hands-on advice and quizzed us afterwards on which tools to use when which helped reinforce the learning process.  Finally she was very kind and outgoing with our daughter, which counts for a lot.  Overall we feel that we are a success story.  We've found that if we use the tools and use them consistently, they really do work.

-Dylan M., San Rafael-

        If you want to have some sanity back in your house, have Liz work with your family.  My granddaughter lives with me, my husband and our daughter, she is developmentally delayed and ADHD (with a mind of her own).  Liz has worked with us, she has taught us things to do to have a peaceful household again.

        I had a hard time adjusting because it was my way or else.  You know that saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink?’  WRONG.  Liz showed us how to empty the glass.

        Believe me, if it wasn’t for Liz, I came very close to asking my daughter to find a place for my granddaughter.

        It is not easy, but take it from a 77-year-old grandmother: it will get better.  I’m not going to tell you it will happen over night, but it will happen.

Listen to Liz.

-Sheila R., Novato, CA-