School Services


Give your staff the gift of confident responding.  Learn how to effectively respond, de-escalate, and move forward in any and all situations that arise on your school site.

Create Harmony in your Halls and in your classrooms when you call

My Awesome Kids.

Auxiliary Staff Package includes:

:: In-the-moment responding: use of language and physical proximity

  :: Maintaining boundaries within the school hierarchy while still maintaining authority

    :: Compassionate facilitation of consequences

      :: Talking points for students: helping a student move beyond emotion to complete a task

        :: Creating a positive environment in all environments - attitude translated into action

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Administration Package includes: 

:: Identifying students at-risk for high intensity behaviors

  :: Environmental manipulations that mitigate large scale behavioral outbursts

    :: School-wide intervention strategies including reward/reinforcement plans

      :: Determining appropriate consequences for behaviors that serve to reduce future demonstration

        :: Talking points for parents: working together to create a Bridge between school and home

          :: Identifying High Frequency, Low Rate behaviors: understanding functions of behaviors

            :: Talking points for students: gaining useful information to guide appropriate consequences    

Teacher Package includes:

:: Talking points for parents: planning with parents to support their children through difficult times

  :: Talking points for students: gaining useful information to help determine appropriate consequences

    :: Proactive responding to student behavior (priming, visuals, reminders)

      :: Boundaries, expectations, facilitation, compassion

        :: Function Finding for unusual behaviors

          :: Environmental arrangements for increased student success

            :: How current “corrective” strategies hinder success

              :: Individualized classroom reinforcement/reward system