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> Initial consult: 1.5 hours of common meet-and-greet preliminaries.  Any questions that you have about what to expect will be answered and you will share with me a little about what your current challenges are at home.  We will talk about some of the common tools help to rule out medical and biological needs and how to get comfortable using them.  This will be your opportunity to decide if you feel that further consultation is the right path for you.

> Judgement-free observation:  In order to get a better understanding of the full event cycles (the things that set off a behavior, the behavior itself, and what follows a behavior), it is important to see it unfold in real time, in the actual space.    

> Psycho-education:  It is vital that you understand what in the environment is leading to behavioral outbursts, both your kid’s and your own.  Once you understand the environmental variables, we begin to look at what behaviors are communicating and how best to respond to them in order to change the pattern that leads to meltdowns.

>Training: Among the challenges that parents and caregivers face is that they have engaged with all sorts of books, articles, blogs, and forums, but never got real-time practice with applying the lessons that they read about.  MAK provides the support to help train your “responding reflexes” in the moment.  A good metaphor for this came from TVs The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon, an incredibly smart guy, has taken a swimming class online and feels that the online course should have sufficiently prepared him to swim across an ocean if need be.  Of course, that sounds silly, but the same is true with parenting.  You may read about a wonderful intervention and have the best of intentions to incorporate it into your parenting, but somehow it fails.  Why? Because it is not the intervention that does the magic, it is how you use it, and we ALL need practice and effective support in successfully learning new skills.

> Tools: MAK provides all the necessary tools to get in to the science of your environment, and then we teach you how to use them, should you need to investigate behavior down the road.  From initial assessment of the function of behavior to analyzing the effectiveness of an intervention, MAK makes sure that you feel confident in your newly acquired parenting skills. 

> Short Contracts: Contracts with MAK begin at 40 hours, time is split up as needed for your family.  Most commonly, families receive 2 hours of direct in-home consultation per week at a time that spans a typical behavioral outburst, although some families prefer to spend 3-4 hours per week with MAK specialists.  This is one of the ways that MAK individualizes services.  All contracts are terminated if significant progress is not immediately obvious based on visual representation (yes, that means data and graphing!) after 20 hours.

What Does Parent Coaching LOOK Like?

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